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Flirting Tips For Shy Girls - 4 Tips That Will Drive Your Man Nuts About You - GUARANTEED!

Flirting Tips For Shy Girls - 4 Tips That Will Drive Your Man Nuts About You - GUARANTEED!

Who says you have to be outgoing...almost having ADHD just to flirt successfully?!
Truth be told, even the most reclusive of girls can do really well when it comes flirting and letting the other guy know their sexy intentions.
Keep this in mind - flirting isn't just about getting physical.
The physical part is important, don't get me wrong, BUT there are other aspects (emotional, psychological, verbal, etc.) that when nailed down the right way packs more punch than grinding down at the dance floor in front of your dream guy.
Not-so-out-going ladies - get ready for these flirting tips for shy girls, you're about to rock your man's world!
Flirting Tips For Shy Girls 1
Be confident and com comfortable about yourself.
When flirting, you need to convey this confident image of yours - that you're NOT worried even a little bit about what others would think or say about you.
That isn't to say that you dressing sloppily is ok. It isn't. BUT keep this in mind, whatever dress you wear and whichever situation you're in, be confident.
Flirting Tips For Shy Girls 2
Hold eye contact especially when you're talking with guy you're after.
Eye contact says a lot about you. Being able to hold eye contact (about 90% of the time) show that you're calm and confident. And as we all know, both men and women love talking to someone who oozes with confidence.
Not to mention this conveys interest with the guy you're talking to. In the flirting game, letting your guy know that you're interested about him is a vital step.
Holding eye contact will get you there.
Flirting Tips For Shy Girls 3
Simple and seemingly insignificant gestures and remarks can take you a long way. Things like:
- Winking at him before you leave. - Calling him funny (BUT not insulting) names - Simple challenges to your man about something that interests him
...will create a playful aura between you. And get this - flirting is about being playful and being in a fun mood when together is very effective.
Flirting Tips For Shy Girls 4
Catch him by surprise by telling him that you like him in the most unexpected time and unexpected way.
This will catch him off guard and letting out a smile is what he can do at best. This should help you get in control of the situation and help you do the flirty things that will knock him off of his feet.

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