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Royal Court

Royal Court

By Stoneypoint - Mar 9, 2008 3215 Both knew what they were doing was wrong. He was out of line, but she didn’t stop him. A young prince at the age of 24 and fourth in line to the throne; if he took her and had her for his own it would shame his brother and for some odd reason the brother would step aside out of embarrassment.
Nobody but nobody messed with his family especially his beautiful noble wife. She was the end all the cunning prince figured. If he was to succeed to the throne any sooner he had to dishonor his brother. Who could do such a thing? Who would do such an act? How is it his brother would even find out?
She wasn’t going to tell her husband. He certainly wouldn’t. So how is it he came to make one brother dishonor another brother so that he could end up being third in line to the throne?
Second in line was another story but first Harold had to dishonor his older brother Lawrence. Harold had to do something that came naturally to him. Charm a woman so much older then himself she couldn’t believe what happened even happened.
Walking into her room just as she finished putting on her last garments she assumed it was Lawrence. Putting on another fake smile which Harold had no idea was one he walked to her with all the confidence any husband might have as he walked to his wife for a kiss however it wasn’t his wife. It was his brother’s wife.
Stepping so close she could see the pores on his face and smell his newly freshened breath she was aghast by his actions. She tried pushing him away. He easily resisted. He stood his ground. She was very beautiful and had many endearing womanly qualities.
He told her so too. Resisting his advances she thanked him trying to wear a cheery face all the while. She told him “Don’t do this” as he pressed on. His body was almost against hers. His brother was gone for the day. Lawrence was in town on parliamentary matters. She and Harold had the day to themselves especially Olivia.
Hazel eyes and alabaster skin her soft cheeks and easy chin awaited his kisses and advances. In truth it was attention and overdue attention at that. Two children and 11 years of marriage left little for romance lately for Olivia.
He saw it coming. He knew she desired it. He was a student of the psyche. He understood a persons reactions. He learned how to work them in his favor. He himself learned to find the woman more viable, more exciting, and more adventurous then he suspected she could be.
Lawrence was so typically boring that Harold’s initial assumptions were Olivia was along the same lines, but even though she initially resisted his advances she swiftly came to realize it was well needed, well over due, and well appreciated interest on Harold’s part.
“Nooo please Harold do not do this” she begged underneath her breath. “Lawrence will find out, King Mathias will find out, and if the Queen discovers any of this I am done, Lawrence will be done as well.”
Harold smiled and winked.
Olivia at the tender age of 34 was the darling of the court. Quiet and sweet she always deferred to her given manners. She was to be seen and never heard. In years past she was somewhat outspoken, but in the eyes of her husband and his parents, the King and Queen, it was her duty to only be a few things. To spawn children, to be at the prince’s side at national and international affairs, and to be a friend and confidante to other staff throughout the castle... those were her only duties.
“I can give you children who are more handsome then you’ll ever imagine Olivia. I can make you feel alive to” he told her looking at her eyes.
She began to warm up. She felt her brow moistening as he pressed himself against her yearning body. She knew deep inside he was a virile and experienced lover of the soul. She knew deep inside she’d love the personal attention and better yet the physical attention she assumed he was capable of. He had it all. He had the spontaneity. He had the charm. He had the handsome looks her husband did not. He had the intelligence. He had all the athleticism Lawrence failed to have. He probably had all the sexual ability and moves many she’s fantasized about might have which she knew Lawrence did not have.
His hands moved against her lower body slowly easing their way up the dress she had on. Never once falling close to the insides of her thighs she felt the heightening arousal she wished she never started feeling. He had her feeling slight signs of euphoria she couldn’t afford to feel.
“Nooo nooooo Harold nooooo please” she begged of him again as her arms lay flatly against the wall she was pressed up against. In truth she loved his younger rugged frame pushing itself against her. In truth she didn’t mind that he flirted with the inevitable. In truth she saw herself letting Harold remove her dress, taking off her slip, and removing her girdle. In truth she envisioned him playing with her fleshy alabaster body finally removing her bra and then her royal undies.
“Ohhh my god Harold stop this please” she asked of him watching his face while she began to perspire ever so slightly but she let his hands gracefully press onward strolling up over her pelvis across her flat tummy as they headed for her grand bosoms.
He liked her body; he knew that much. It was her personality he had to bring out the best in. “You know something” he began with a smile. “I remember when I was younger and you were so flippant and fun to be with. What happened to that woman? What happened to that woman who was alive and ambitious? I know she’s in there.”
“I’m going to find her and when I do Olivia I am going to make you remember how exciting... how sexually exciting you were at one time. That much you can count on” and he drew a line from below her breasts down over her tummy over her pelvis stopping just above her vagina. He winked and blew her a kiss. “Have a wonderful day Olivia. We’ll do this again.”
“Noooo don’t leave Harold please do not leave. Stay ohh please stay” she said quietly as he left the room. She began panting excitedly. Her loins burned for his touch. She loved how he pressed her against the wall. She loved how he shoved himself passionately against her body. He felt so electric. He felt so stimulating. He made her all that and more. She was turned on by his presence and knew she wanted him back.
She couldn’t walk out and down the stairs in the condition she was in now. She needed fulfillment now thanks to his advances. “Damn you Harold... damn you all to” and she unzipped her dress. She slipped it off her shoulders. She walked to her bedroom door and securely locked it. She walked to her bed and took off her slip. Sitting down on her mattress she removed her girdle.
She dropped it to the floor and looked at herself in a mirror. Staring at her reflection Olivia started to caress her body. Olivia caressed her tummy then her bosoms reaching behind herself and removing her royal lace bra. Squinting she looked at them placing one hand and then the other upon them.
Olivia felt their moist freshness as she lifted them up. “Harold I bet you’ll love these won’t you” she said to her reflection. “I bet you want more then these too don’t you? You’re such a... ohhh Harold don’t do this” she wailed.
The house phone rang as she slipped a hand inside her royal undies. Quickly she pulled it out looking at her ringing phone. She realized she was running late. She dressed and left. Downstairs he was sitting eating breakfast with his father while she was heading out with the Queen.
“How was your morning dear?”
Olivia told the Queen it was fine but thought only of Harold and she holed up in some room having made unadulterated sex together by mid-morning.
“Something has you distracted doesn’t it dear” the Queen asked. “It isn’t a man is it” the Queen joked.
Olivia’s head jerked to her right not realizing the Queen was joking around. Olivia had a look of fright on her face thinking the Queen already knew something. She turned her head gradually to look back at Olivia. She noticed Olivia’s expression.
“Are you and Lawrence having issues dear?”
“Uhhh noooo ohhh nooo not at all” Olivia came back.
The question only allowed the incident to fester longer in her mind. The queen’s inquiry only let things linger and mushroom heavily as Olivia wished for their time together to be over with. Olivia needed to be alone. She needed to be alone again with Harold bit on the other hand she knew she couldn’t afford that and knew she could never be with him. It could not happen. She had no one to turn to but one person and that was a confidante amongst her staff.
“Rosalie come inside can you” she asked.
“Is something wrong” Rosalie asked.
“Yes... and no” I suppose “still I need your help; I need your advice. I need someone’s advice.”
She told Rosalie what happened. At one time Rosalie and Harold had a brief affair which lasted a month. He treated her like a princess. He showered her with fabulous moments and outstanding gifts as well. Hidden deep within her quarters were gifts no one could have ever showered her with.
“Do I tell her or... I can’t tell her” she thought.
“So what do you think Rosalie?”
Rosalie asked if she could think on it for a few hours and let her know. Rosalie was also troubled. Both were troubled. Rosalie learning secrets by minute started remembering that one single auspicious afternoon with him. What she knew of everyone in the majestic court was impressive. What she knew of everyone’s affairs was possibly beyond repair.
But it was worse then that. No one knew it either. One late morning during the summer Rosalie was troubled by a temporary and no longer existing relationship with Harold. That late morning Rosalie was sitting out in the grove a couple miles from the castle pondering life when he rode by on his horse.
He thought he saw someone sitting alone and rode up. She heard the horse. He got off and walked towards her. They began a casual conversation which she never broached the subject of Harold and her, but they did talk about relationships.
Before either knew it she offered him one of the sandwiches she made and he sat down. Sitting across from her they ate their sandwiches while watching the other with interest. Afterwards he didn’t get up to leave. They talked more as each seemed to move closer to the other somehow. One thing led to another and they were talking about personal topics that staff members normally shouldn’t be discussing with a member of the court.
“I know I am married happily” he began “and I know I have two of the most wonderful young children in the world, but it does not mean I don’t look at attractive women” he went on to tell her. “They are all around me Rosalie. How can a man like me not look at a beautiful woman? It would be... well you have to understand it is mental suicide” and he laughed at his remark going on to add “not to notice a pretty woman.”
“Like you for instance Rosalie; I think you are a very, very pretty woman.” His complimentary remark caught her attention. He grabbed her full attention. “How could I not see that” he said to her as he stared into her beautiful brown eyes. “Maybe I should not be telling you but you are a very beautiful woman. I think it every time I see you walking the grounds.”
She thanked him humbly lowering her head. Blushing she was flattered to hear it from Lawrence. Seeing as he was the eldest and most intelligent of them all and the successor to the throne he shouldn’t have spoken to her in that manner, but he only expressed his feelings.
He reached forward and touched her chin to raise her head up. There were tears in her eyes. He asked why she was crying and she told him they were tears of joy. He asked her to explain. When she did it touched his heart. He was moved. He felt a strange attraction to her. He scooted closer and put his arm around her shoulder trying to empathize with her. He wanted her to feel good about herself. He hugged her warmly when he placed his arms around her shoulder. He allowed her to place her head against his shoulder.
She was so sweet, pretty, and demure and that moment was so moving to him as the sunlight shone upon them that day that something snapped within him. He liked feeling her body against him. He liked feeling her desirable demure figure curled up inside his arm. He enjoyed knowing she allowed herself to be comforted by him.
Neither spoke as they huddled together gazing out at the landscape. It was warm that day as the sun continued to grace the lands. As usual she wore a beautiful attendant’s uniform. Long and full of undergarments one might think it took hours to put on but it didn’t take all that much time. Still there were layers beneath it and as many layers as there were she was as pretty as a princess while remaining cool in the warmth of the sun.
Something snapped within her and the two gazed upon the landscape. Their minds fixated on something unheard of as they looked out on the intimate scenery head of them. There were hidden emotions and somehow they began to seep.
He did not make the first move. Rosalie did as her hand graced his riding pants. In surprise he looked down at it. Turning his head to look at her he was astonished that she touched him in that manner. It immediately aroused Lawrence. She did not look at him. She watched her hand slide across his riding pants. She began wondering what he felt and thought as he looked down at her hand.
Finally his hand lay down on her lap pursuing her what was the inevitable. Gradually and eventually he worked his hands underneath the attendant’s dress. To both it was exciting, adventurous and an erotically fulfilling moment.
He felt his own growth; he desired her hand to find it and feel it soon! Wishing and yearning for her to seize it he turned to face her. His eyes looked into hers while seeking out what she initially was willing to pursue.
Lawrence’s hands slowly pushed her dress upwards without any resistance from her. Her eyes showed every sign of willingness. Her face displayed every indication of desire on that sunny Saturday afternoon. Creeping backwards until she braced herself against a tall and soft willowy tree she let the stately prince do as he pleased.
He pushed onwards. Her dress crept closer towards her waist. Undergarment after undergarment appeared and he slowly removed them eventually. Exposing her feminine legs his hands finally felt her desiring flesh.
Lawrence brushed along her hot blooded legs until reached her girdle and underwear. Looking into her eyes he brushed along the creases of Rosalie’s girdle while she opened up her legs allowing him more space to feel between her soft sensuous legs.
Her breathing was shortened. Her breathing was heavy. Her heart beat faster while he rubbed her crotch. Pushing off the tree in response to his yearning massages she knew what she wanted and it wasn’t his hands at all.
Rosalie was excited. She wanted it all regardless of his stature and lack of handsome looks. Lust found its way to that particular royal land and he was hers to have that day.
She took hold of his hands leading them to her buttons on her dress. One by one the two unlocked and unleashed the primal desires she would expose to him. Underneath lie the off white undergarments she hoped he’d appreciate.
He did and told her how exciting she was which suddenly had Rosalie moaning aloud. He smiled at her as they further unlocked her womanhood that afternoon.
With her dress off her shoulders and the bottom pushed all the way up his hands again proceeded to tantalize her deep desires. Caressing her between her thighs and pushing against the edges of her girdle he was able to feel the heat blasting from within.
Rosalie was hornier then she had ever been. She was swelling up inside while knowing she wanted his riding pants off so she could feel his royal manhood nearby as well.
His royal manliness broiled within as his cock showed its majestic greatness underneath. “Take off your clothes” she pleaded quietly and he did. Undressing himself he exposed his manhood. She was taken aback by it. Stunned at its imposing length she craved feeling it everywhere.
Kneeling with his erection pointing her way he looked upon her body. Still in her slip, girdle, bra, and underwear he pushed her slip up again. She was a vision of sexiness and he wished to show her too. Lawrence pressed on and pulled her down flat on the grassy knoll. Running his cock along her girdle she unexpectedly screamed out asking him to stop.
He didn’t understand why. “Because I want you inside me” she replied. Again he stroked her hot girdle with his hands then did so with his hardened cock only making Rosalie want it more and more.
She cried out again for him to take everything off and so he did finally. Both naked he watched her and saw a woman in the flesh something he hadn’t had the opportunity to see other then Olivia.
“Lawrence please go inside me. Please ohh please” she pleaded while wincing and finally closing her eyes.
Crawling against her he passionately kissed her lips. He passionately kissed her humble boobs. He pushed against her more firmly as he did. She pulled at him anxiously grabbing anything she could.
As they kissed her bushy hot pussy awaited his royal raging manhood to slide up inside her swelling cunt so the two lust filled individuals could fulfill a bowlful of desires kept hidden for years.
Shoving himself between her legs and pushing inside her quickly before either could count to 10 it was over. Rosalie and Lawrence fucked as wildly and madly as possible in a short period of time. Exploding inside her she felt the raging river of cum flush intensely while her reckless soul climaxed simultaneously.
Screams filled the land that afternoon but as far away as they were they evaporated leaving the fervent moment of greatness between the two. Majestic sexual pleasure was left to their own memories and either was free to recall it anytime they wished.
Naked and lying on the ground she told herself she could do it again. He was incredible that day and she loved every moment he was inside her. Prince Lawrence had sex with his staff member and praised her afterwards affording her a kiss on her lips as a reminder he’d love to spend a special afternoon with her again.
“I think I’d love that” she told him breathing heavily.
Finally she started to dress after cleaning herself up and they embraced one last time in a lust filled kiss leaving both with the desire and knowledge each was willing to participate in sexual intercourse together
Singing and carrying her basket back with her he was nowhere in sight. She had to walk back all alone but as she did Harold rode by in a carriage. He stopped and talked briefly. He was the most handsome of all the offspring. He was dashing and charming and offered her a ride charming her mind throughout their brief conversation.
“I’d lie down with him any time... ohhh I would love to lie down and have a sexual relation with that man.”
“God I bet she’s great in bed” he told himself while talking to her. “I should ask her if she’d like to do something sometime. Nahhhh that is so crazy; court attendants don’t fraternize with us do they? We can’t do that can we” he asked himself.
Her eyes sparkled and her smiled was gleaming as they chatted briefly. “You sure you do not want a ride Rosalie?” Again she said no. “What is that on your dress” he asked.
Looking down she saw what looked like a dried white stain. He knew that stain; he knew it well. “Ohhhh shit I wonder who she was with. Oh yeah she let some get on her dress. Oooohh if only I knew her dirty little secret.”
“I bet I know what it’s from” he said. Winking at her he said “Hey have a wonderful afternoon... or maybe you just did. See you later” and he rode off.

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