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"I'm a fat girl, but I am still very happy!"

"I'm a fat girl, but I am still very happy!"

In current society, more and more girls seems making efforts and towards a same goal that is let themselves becoming very slim so that they looks more beautiful, more charming, more attractive! However, not every one held such opinion, I believe. Don't you think so? I believe such kind of girls living in the society: they are not slim, even they are called fat girls, but they are still very happy. "I am a fat girl, but I am still very happy, I can still wear beautiful dress, including buyherveleger Herve Leger dresses." Those girls are very confident, may be they also envy the slim girls, envy their perfect figure sometimes. But they will not follow those girls who tried their best to lose weight. Just for wearing beautiful clothing. In order to lose weight, they tried every possible ways, for example, have a running or other exercises, or join jams to shape their figure, even have girls want to reduce their weight by eating less. In a world, they will make a strict planning so as to get the slim figure. So sake of coming true their dream:" as a slim girl, wearing beautiful buyherveleger Herve Leger clothing." Any difficult is not the problem in their eyes, even though have to endure hungry. They have already regardless of anything for the beauty. May be many people consider they are excellent, for their dream they can overcome all the difficulties. However, in the fat girls eyes, it is terrible, I would never take such action. Why not I have to endure hungry, why not I have to formulate so strict planning, running, join the jams, take varies activities. I am fat, but I am still very happy, I can still wear beautiful Herve Leger clothing, beautiful clothing is not the patent of slim girls. Fat girls are also able to wear beautiful clothing. Further more, fat girls consider the deeds which hope to keep fit or lose weight by diet is wrong, all wet! If you wish to lose weight by excising or join the jams, may be they are the good ideas. In one hand, you can lose your weight. On the other hand, you have excised you own body. It seems you can get the fish and bear's paw at the same time. However, if you hope to lose weight by diet, may be you will become a slim girl, your healthy may be turning in to more and more worse. Fat girls consider that just for the slim figure, just for wear beautiful clothing, such as Herve Leger dress, then compromise yourself and eat less even eat nothing is not worthy. We can not own slim figure, but we can not lose our healthy. If we lose our healthy body, what use should be beautiful? What use should be wonderful clothing? What use should be the slim figure? Fat girls consider that girls who are beautiful is not because she has own perfect figure, angel appearance, not because they put on the beautiful clothing and costly diamond, just because they posses a confident heart, a kind heart, an optimistic heart, just because they face to the life with a positive attitude. In my opinion, such fat girls are excellent, they are confident, not care their figure, they are optimistic, so they can say:" I am fat, I am still very happy!" Article source buyherveleger buyherveleger.
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