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RV Rentals in Houston - What to Look For By Robert Ferguson

If you're in or near Houston, you won't have any trouble finding great RV rentals for excellent prices. Houston RV Center has a wide selection of all sorts of RVs for rent, and can even sell you a new or pre-owned RV if that's what you'd prefer. No matter what your vacation needs, the Houston RV Center will be able to help you.
Types Of RVs For Rent
If you're a first-time RV renter, you may be confused by the variety of RV rentals Houston has to offer. Here's a quick guide to our RVs:
Motorized RVs are those thatbine a vehicle chassis but have a home built onto the chassis. These tend to be the nicest motorhomes, with plenty of room and amenities for their owners or renters.
Class A Motorhomes are the nicest, literally homes on wheels, and provide everyfort of home from a sink and propane gas stove to comfortable sleeping quarters and entertainment electronics. These RVs are among the most expensive, and are worth every penny.
Class B Motorhomes may also be called van conversions; these small motorhomes are built onto a van chassis and are inexpensive, easy to drive, and versatile. While these motorhomes do not provide the level offort you'd expect in a Class A, they are still very nice, often with full plumbing, and provide a comfortable home on wheels for your camping excursions. Because they are small, you may want to bring tents and other camping equipment on top of your rental RV for extra sleeping room.
Class C Motorhomes are mini-versions of the Class A. These smaller but still nice RVs have good plumbing, lots of space, and provide you with plenty of space and amenities for a great RV rental vacation.
Truck Campers aren't quite motorized RVs, nor are they towable. A truck camper is living space that can be slid into the bed of a standard pickup truck. Camper trailer rental in Houston is possible too, if you have the right truck to fit it on.
Towable RVs will require a vehicle of adequate power to pull it. Some can be pulled, at least on relatively flat land, by small pickup trucks; others will need a special tow hitch for pulling, and can only be towed by a heavy pickup truck or something more powerful.
Folding camp trailers are the smallest, lightest, and cheapest, and can be towed behind even a reasonably powerful car with the right tow hitch. Most have separate electrical systems, refrigerators, stoves, sinks (with water supply), and a few other amenities, and the roof folds out into a tent-like enclosure.
Standard travel trailers hook to the back of vehicles with a load-distributing tow hitch, and range in size from 10 to 35 or more feet. These trailers offer as many amenities as they have room for, from kitchens and bathrooms to comfortable beds and other furnishings.
Fifth-wheel trailers are similar to large travel trailers, but use a special tow hitch that distributes the weight more evenly; the fifth wheel hitch must be in the bed of a pickup truck. Expect these trailers to be much more comfortable and roomy, with slide-outs and amenities that standard travel trailers aren't able to support.
Rental Price Ranges
At Houston RV Center you will find RV Rentals in Houston with variety ranging from pop-up campers to full-size RVs. All RVs and trailers are rented for three day minimums, with prices that range from $300 for short-term 3-day pop-up trailer rental to a little over $2000 for a long-term 14-day Class C RV rental.pare our check-in/check-out times to renting a room at a hotel.
You'll find we also offer great customer service, with staff ready and willing to test -drive with you so you can get used to driving an RV. We also have 24-hour roadside assistance, and we're ready to help you out with whatever your needs are. Our customers love us and our service, and we have return customers year after year who know we offer a true quality product.
Rent Out Your Own RV
Are you in the market for an RV yourself, but not quite sure you'll use it enough to justify buying one? Here's an old trick put to new purpose: buy your RV, and when you're not using it, let Houston RV Center rent it out to others to cover your RV payments. The RV Center takes care of cleaning, maintenance, and other issues for you while the RV is on the lot. You get to use your RV whenever you want, without worrying about storage, and you may even make a little money on the side if your RV turns out to be a popular one.
Even if you think this may be your end choice, it's a good idea to go ahead and rent an RV or two before you buy one. This gives you a much better feel for how these road monsters handle, and what you really want in one before you shell out the money to buy one. Besides, it gives you an excuse to hit the road for your own personal adventure, that call to the desert, to the Grand Canyon, or to the seaside for a Gulf Shore vacation you'll never forget. In the end, you will find it is still less expensive to Rent an RV than it is to fly the major airlines and a lot more fun while enjoying thepany of family and friends along the way.
By Robert Ferguson Buy-Sell-Rent Your next RV HoustonRVCenter HoustonRVCenter
Robert_Ferguson Robert_Ferguson

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