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Raven And I

Raven and I

By StoneyPoint - Jan 20, 2011 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 25863 She asked me where’d I’d be this week and I told her. I lied. I was headed to another town. Yes, that town. The one I always, always loved going to. I emailed her, first. Telling her exactly what I’d like, she agreed, and made me smile. First eating out her fresh-like pussy and then being able to do her…fuck her…there was nothing ever any better than me and Raven. Nothing at all.
I was lying down, naked. With my hand holding it, slightly, and my eyes closed, I waited for her to arrive. This time it was her turn to walk in. Yes, she was dressed. But no, she wore nothing under that long raincoat of hers.
Her breasts, her nipples due to the cold were well prepared, if you will, for our moments together. She walked right in and this time she locked it behind her. I heard her soft footsteps. My imagination flew endlessly as I saw those hips and soon saw her breasts as well indicate to me they couldn’t wait for me to be on them…all over her.
I told her, once again, how beautiful she looked to me. She again didn’t believe it. I tried telling her I meant it. I couldn’t seem to get her to believe it but she was here, in the dark room, and with the light of the late afternoon finding its way through the slits of the draperies, she looked even much better then I ever anticipated. She always told me she was a little on the big side. I tried telling her I disagreed and when she came into the room I couldn’t wait to tell her again.
“Hi…how are you?” I said and she said without a shed of confidence she was fine. “Do you know how beautiful I think you are?”
I wanted it off but she had to remove it herself…not by my command. No, it was her duty to remove that cloak of a raincoat she wore. She unbuttoned it. As she did my hand seemed to move more aggressively around my manliness. I couldn’t wait for her to slide up against me. I couldn’t wait for her body, her warm, and that softness to settle in against me. That was all I wanted.
I wished at that exact moment I knew exactly what her every thought was. “All I want is to make you happy” I heard her say as if reading my thoughts. “That is all I want.”
Me? I smiled when I heard those gentle words out of that smallish mouth and…and those lips as well. Her eyes, to me, were tantalizing. To me, I felt as if she magnetized you when she gazed into your eyes.
She reached up and touched my chest, rubbing her fingers all around. Mmmm, I thought. The way you do that, Raven…Oh Raven, god…do that down lower…down lower…all the way down…here, I felt like telling her. Her fingers finally trailed down, over my stomach, and into the nether region of my crotch. I tightened up. My thighs, my ass, and my belly all tightened as her fingers did their thing. Before I knew it, that hand was handling me. That hand had a hold on my slowly growing erection. I gradually became harder and harder. I wanted her. I wanted to hold her badly. I wanted to feel all of her all over me. Anything and everything she could do… I wanted it to happen.
“Kiss me” I said as quietly as I could.
Her eyes met mine. She smiled. Our lips met, as her hand remained on my hardening cock. Mmmmm, the way she kissed. It was magic. To me, Raven was magic, as she stroked and she stroked my cock. Uhhh…ohhhhhh…the softness…the apparent ease at which she twirled those fingers around and around and up and down my cock, to me, was utterly amazing.
And before I realized it, Raven began sucking me off. The majestic power, I thought. Whoa…she was incredible as her mouth and her lips so mightily went at my erection like they had. In and out…and up and down, it would appear and disappear, and as it did I felt that insane and incredible desire to simply explode right into her mouth. But no. No I did not. I maintained my civility and I waited because I knew. Yes I knew. She didn’t come here just to make me happy only. She came here as well for her satisfaction. Me too.
I plopped her down. I eased apart her thighs. She let it happen. So I went in and toyed and eased my fingers into her pussy, slowly. As I did, I felt that sloppy, luscious warmth inside her. I easily could have balled up my hand and gone all the way in, which I didn’t, but I sure wanted to. Finally, I went in head first, and I slapped my mouth against it.
She loved it too as I licked and I licked and I licked her pussy, clean. I made her hornier and hornier and I knew…yes, I knew…she was ready for my cock. I climbed her. I mounted her body with stately dominance as she would want it to be. She watched and felt me go inside her. Her eyes closed. I pumped away at her as she expected me too. She loved it. She loved how it felt to have me inside her, again. I fucked Raven wonderfully. Her hands grabbed at everything. I didn’t want to stop. She didn’t want it to end, either. She came, twice thank god, and finally…yes finally I was ready as well.
I pulled it out. She watched me do it. I held it over her. I jacked off for her over her nice tits and I stroked myself. I stroked and I stroked it until I came on each of them and a little on her adorably attractive face.
She licked it off and swallowed it telling me a few little more tidbits about herself and we snuggled all the while, and I held her closely. I always loved her body and wished she knew it each time too.

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