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Toilet - Lip Gloss Tins - Others

Toilet - Lip Gloss Tins - Others

Types of toilets Squat toilet as seen in some parts of Europe and Asia Greek squat toilet in 2008 The mostmon type of toilet in modern cities is the flush toilet in which water takes away the waste through sewers to a waste treatment plant In rural areas where sewers are not practical septic tanks may be installed instead The mostmon design in western countries is the sitting toilet Squat toilets are still used by the majority of the world s population Main designs Specialty designs Flush toilet Squat toilet Urinal Wall hung urinal Floor length urinal Gutter type urinal Female urinal Toilet with built in bidet Chemical toilet Dry toilet i e no water used for flushing Pit toilet verymon in camping grounds in the United States Also known as an outhouse in the U Sposting toilet Verymonly found in camping grounds in Europe and large climbing parks Also found in some modern ecologically designed buildings Urine diverting dryposting a source separation toilet that keeps urine and feces separate and simplifies theposting process Can also be called an eco san from ecological sanitation toilet and is a viable alternative to flush sanitation in urban areas Incinerating toilet Tree bog a system for converting human faeces to biomass Head a toilet on a boat which has a pump to bring cleaning seawater in and pump waste overboard or into a holding tank Public toilets Main article Public toilet It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Public toilet Discuss A portable urinal in the Netherlands Portable toilets for a pop concert Public toilets public lavatories or public conveniences are toilets that are accessible to the general public withmon access from the street Conveniences being the collective term for male and female designated toilets convenience singular usually acquiring a gender attribute A public toilet may or may not cost money to use for those that do see pay toilet Between the categories of outright free and outright pay toilets there is a grey area of toilets where a fee is expected but not enforced A charge levied in the UK during the mid 20th century was one British penny hence the generally adopted term spend a penny meaning to use the toilet Public facilities often have several toilets partitioned by stalls US or cubicles UK Facilities for men often also have separate urinals either wall mounted fixtures designed for a single user or a constantly draining basin or trough for collective use Wall mounted urinals are sometimes separated by small partitions or other obstructions for privacy i e to keep the user s genitals hidden from public view citation needed An automated Sanisette outdoor toilet Outdoor public toilets in the street around parks etc are a form of street furniture For mixed sex arrangements there are cubicles varying from simple devices with little or no plumbing to more luxurious versions that automatically clean themselves after every use for the latter see Sanisette Facilities without walls all around are typically for urination only and for men only although passers by can see the urinating men from the back they cannot see the genitals citation needed These street urinals are known as Pissoirs after the French term see Urinal Some facilities are mobile and can thus be put in place where and when needed e g for a weekend at an entertainment venue Additionally some can be sunk into the ground and thereby made inoperable for the periods that they are not needed The idea behind this is that some people do not like the sight of a public toilet in the street and they are more easily hidden than repeatedly moved This type is typically installed in entertainment areas and made operational during weekend evenings and nights This public restroom discourages intravenous drug use by making it difficult to locate blood veins in the blue light A portable toilet is an outdoor public toilet with walls which can either be connected to the local sewage system or store the waste and be emptied from time to time Many toilets can be cleaned on the spot or at a central location in the case of a mobile toilet or urinal In Europe public toilets are also set up for cities as apensation for advertising permits They are part of a street furniture contract between the out of home advertisingpany and the city council The reason for thisbination is the shortage in city budgets Terms used to identify a public toilet will vary from region to region The Gents and The Ladies aremonly used British terms meaning the male and female toilet respectively Some European public toilets may be marked WC Water Closet while in the Philippines the label CRfort room ismon Some public toilets have begun to be provided with flushable paper toilet seat covers which allow the user thefort of knowing that they are not in contact with a surface previously used by a stranger There is however no medical evidence that these prevent the spread of disease Toilets for people with disabilities Some toilet areas otherwise known as stalls are specially adapted for people with disabilities These are wide enough to allow the entry and use by a person in a wheelchair and often feature hand holds or grab bars bolted to the wall enabling the person to maneuver onto the toilet if necessary Some countries have legal requirements for the accessibility of toilets Further information Accessible toilets Gender and public toilets Separation by sex is characteristic of public toilets with writings or pictograms of a man or a woman used to indicate where their respective toilets are Warsaw Poland is a rare exception where a triangle indicates male and a circle indicates female In restaurants bars and night clubs the identifications can be designed to match the decoration of the premises using male and female figures or parts of the body text or even puns making it difficult for some customers to identify them Sex separated public toilets are a source of difficulty for some people For example people with children of the opposite sex must choose between bringing the child into a toilet not designated for the child s gender or entering a toilet not designated for one s own Men caring for babies often find that only the women s washroom has been fitted with a change table People with disabilities who need assistance to use the restroom have an additional problem if their helper is the opposite sex Sex separated public toilets are often difficult to negotiate for transgendered people who are often subject to embarrassment harassment or even assault or arrest by others offended by the presence of a person they interpret as being of the other gender whether due to their outward presentation or their genital status Transgendered people have been arrested for using not only toilets that correspond to their gender of identification but also ones that correspond to the sex they were born with Men s public restroom symbol Women s public restroom symbol See also SVG symbols of restroom symbols Some public places such as facilities targeted to the transgendered or LGBTmunities and a few universities and offices provide individual washrooms that are not gender specified specifically in order to respond to the concerns of gender variant clarification needed people but this remains very rare and often controversial A significant number of facilities have additional gender neutral public toilets for a different reason they are marked not for being for females or males but as being accessible to persons with disabilities and are adequately equipped to allow a person using a wheelchair and or with mobility concerns to use them original research Amnesty International includes segregated toilets among the measures to ensure the safety of girls in schools Further information Gender neutral toilet Family restrooms Another recent development in public toilets is the gender neutral toilet or family restroom These areas contain multiple stalls designed for maximum privacy and amunal washing area for use by both genders The family restroom is designed so that a parent with a young child of the opposite gender can take the child into the restroom without the concerns associated with single gender restrooms Family restrooms have started appearing in newly built sports stadiums amusement parks shopping malls and major museums Toilets in public transport An aircraft lavatory in the economy class There are usually toilets in airliners regional rail trains and often in long distance buses and ferries but not in metros school buses trams and other buses Many newer trains have a waste reservoir but in older trains and still in some newer ones the contents simply fall on the tracks hence the notice which appears in many train toilets Please do not flush while the train is standing at a station Lavatories on aircraft consist of a sink a waste bin and a toilet On many newer aircraft the toilet does not flush with water rather suction removes the waste into a collection bin below cabin level This type is generically known as a vacuum lavatory See also Passenger train toilets Private toilets Toilets in private homes are almost never separated by sex However the size of a home or facility bears on the availability of options Small facilities are limited by their space to the toilet options they can offer it is moremon to find a higher number of choices in a large facility The same is true for homes in more affluent households in the USA where the homes are usually larger bathrooms are also often more spacious than average and more numerous In such homes bathrooms especially master bathrooms are increasingly being designed with a small adjoining room exclusively for the toilet as well as separate washing basins This makes it easier for couples who share a bathroom to maintain their desired level of privacy and personal space In Australia it has long been the case that the toilet is in a separate room from the bathroom High tech toilets Automatic toilet designed to deter drug users Picton New Zealand Advanced technology is being integrated into toilets with more functions especially in Japan see Toilets in Japan The biggest maker of these toilets is TOTO Such toilets can cost anywhere from US 200 to 5 000 The features are operated by control pads sometimes with bilingual labels and even hand held remote control devices Some of these features are Automatic flushing mechanisms operated by a photocell or other sensor Typically these flush a toilet when the user stands up or flush a urinal when the user steps away Water jets or bottom washers like a bidet as an alternative to toilet paper The Portable Washlet Toto s portable hand held bottom washer Blow dryers to dry the body after use of water jets Artificial flush sounds to mask noises such as body functions Urine and stool analysis for medical monitoring Matsushita s Smart Toilet checks blood pressure temperature and blood sugar Digital clock to monitor time spent at the toilet Automatic lid operation to open and close the lid Heated seats some of which may overheat Deodorizing fans Automated paper toilet seat cover replacers which automatically replace a paper toilet seat cover with the push of a button Electric Toilet Brushes Invented in Australia in 1980 and available in more than thirty countries are dual flush toilets also known as duosets Two buttons allow for the user to select between a flush for urine or feces Because the density of urine is nearly equal to that of the water around it it requires far less water to flush into a home s sewage system Because most of a households flushes are for urine dual flush toilets can save a significant amount of water A toilet that pays its users has been opened in Musiri Tamil Nadu India It is the first of its kind The feces it receives areposted and the urine is used as fertilzer for bananas and other food crops Users are paid up to 12 U S cents a month Lo tech toilets According to The Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment 2000 by the World Health Organization 40 of the global population does not have access to excreta disposal facilities mostly in Asia and Africa There are efforts to design toilets that are easy to build and maintain with simple materials that are also hygienic The World Toilet Organization has created some designs See also Outhouse Toilets on fire resistance rated floors Toilet flange firestopping versus mechanical pipe firestopping Toilets in multi storey buildings located on fire resistance rated floors typically require at least two through penetrations which canpromise the rating of the floor if left untreated One opening is for the fresh water supply to flush and or fill the water tank The other through penetration is for the drain pipe The fresh water supply line requires routine firestopping The drain pipe however is exempt from firestopping in many building codes particularly when noncombustible piping is used because the penetration terminates on the unexposed side in a ceramic bowl filled with water which can withstand significant fires Intumescent firestops are often used in the event plastic pipes are used for toilet drains so that the melting plastic pipe is choked off in the event of an accidental fire It is however customary to fill the metallic drain pipe annulus with rockwool packing Even with the best of intentions it would be difficult for the firestopper to install a sealant because he is not allowed or inclined to remove the flange which is what is partially used to support the drain pipe below during the installation process Grey water See also Greywater In some areas with water shortage issues some people havee up with an alternative approach In order to conserve levels of potable water some installations use grey water for toilets Grey water is waste water produced from processes such as washing dishes laundry and bathing History Stone toilet found in 8th century BCE house
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